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White Shared Rectangular Office Cubicle Panel System For 2 Persons

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3 Years Warranty
Color (15)
User (2-10)
2 Persons
Size (18)
W72.4" x L48" x H70.9"
Hanging drawers
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2 x Desktop
#120 - White
W70.9" x L23.6" x H1"
Commercial grade desktop
7 x Panel with glass
#1261 - White
W23.6" x L0.8" x H70.9"
2 x 3 way connector
#1263 - White
W0.8" x L0.8" x H70.9"
4 x Connector side cover
#1265 - White
W0.4" x L0.4" x H70.9"
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