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How to Buy Office Furniture

Office furniture is a valuable staple of any productive office space. Your office’s furniture has an effect on multiple facets of your business, the most important of which being overall efficiency, as well its underestimated influence on the perception of your business in the eyes of your employees and in some cases, even clients. In this article, we’ll go over the steps to be taken and the most important things to consider when buying office furniture.

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Know the needs and capacities of your workplace

A first step would be to get together with your team and take inventory as to what’s needed to be most productive on an individual basis. It is crucial to ensure that the furniture fits each employee or his tasks.

Measuring the space or spaces in your office and marking where you’d like certain items to go gives you an idea as to how much space you actually have to work with. This also helps avoid creating a claustrophobic office space, which is the last thing you want.

Office furniture should help cultivate an inviting, functional atmosphere.

We are here to help you with workspace planning to make the best possible use of your workspace with the help of an industry pro.

Establish a budget

When calculating your budget, delegating the smallest possible amount towards office furniture is a common first approach, but this typically ends up costing you more down the road.

On average, small and medium-sized businesses with over 10 employees designate roughly 11% of their total expenses per year towards office supplies and equipment. By paying a little more upfront on quality office furniture that lasts longer, you can substantially reduce the subsequent yearly percentages.

Be sure to take into account the total purchase cost, including not only the furniture, but also delivery, installation, and other charges. This is particularly important for online purchases where shipping charges are typically involved. Check out our Free services.

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Look for Adjustment Options

You want to look for office furniture that has longevity and versatility. Office furniture that can adapt to the evolving needs of your business will better accompany your workforce for the long-haul.

For example, invest in chairs that can adapt to just about anyone. Look for adjustment options for seat height, depth, seat and seat back tilt, armrest replacement, and lumbar adjustment.

Height-adjustable tables and desks for different work styles are also well worth their while.

Make Sure Installation is Included

Assembling a single desk or a couple of chairs is one thing, but setting up an entire office is a laborious task that is often frustrating and eats up precious time and energy.

Buying from a dealer who assembles and installs your office furniture on your behalf makes the whole process seamless and stress-free. Check out our Free services.

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Prioritize Clutter Reduction

Outer order contributes to inner calm.

-Gretchen Ruben

Reducing clutter makes it easier for your team to focus on the task at hand and be more efficient..

You don’t want a lack of bins, baskets and cabinets to be the reason why your workspace is stress-inducing and unproductive.

Ergonomics Matter

Spending nearly 8 hours per day sitting down in discomfort can take its toll on an employee’s physical health and morale over time. Uncomfortable office chairs lead to pain and workplace fatigue.

Ergonomic office furniture is designed to facilitate posture and comfort, and helps maintain both the physical and mental health of your workforce. Happy employees that are taken care of translates to better morale and productivity.

Work-related back pain

Accommodate your technology

Buying office furniture that accommodates your technology requirements not only helps the furniture remain relevant for longer, but also maximizes productivity.

For example, go for desks that can accommodate two monitors and keep all of the associated cords neatly organized.

For corporate meeting rooms, look for tables with a power source to allow for seamless collaboration.

In Conclusion

Since office furniture has such a significant impact on your team’s productivity and morale, choosing the right office furniture can be a daunting task.

However, the knowledge and expertise of the right store will make your office furniture buying process painless and enjoyable.

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