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Classic Rectangular Desk With Credenza

Traditional meets modern with this Heinne Holz Modular Wooden Desk with Heinne Holz Lateral Storage Combo. Includes Heinne Holz Hanging Drawers.
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  • W70.9" x L88.6" x H29.5"
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    2 x #133 - Heinne holz
    W70.9" x L23.6" x H1"
    Commercial Grade Desktop
    1 x #161 - Heinne holz
    W68.7" x L0.7" x H17.3"
    Modesty Panel
    1 x #167 - Heinne holz
    W15.6" x L18.9" x H17.3"
    Hanging Pedestal
    1 x #323 - Heinne holz
    W35.4" x L23.6" x H28.5"
    Storage Cabinet
    2 x #355 - Heinne holz
    W23.5" x L1" x H28.5"
    Slab End
    2 x #434 - White
    W3.1" x L2" x H0"
    Flat Bracket
    1 x #632 - Heinne holz
    W35.4" x L23.6" x H28.5"
    Lateral File Cabinet
    1 x #100734 - Black
    W0.4" x L0.4" x H1.6"
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