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Shared L-shaped Desk - Wooden - Panels

The Shared Wooden L-Shaped Office Desk in Quad offers a stylish and functional workspace solution for collaborative teams. Designed with both efficiency and comfort in mind, this desk features a spacious L-shaped design, providing ample room for four people to work together comfortably. The warm and inviting wooden finish is both durable and visually appealing, making this desk a great choice for any modern office environment. The desk is designed to maximize space, with a compact footprint that takes up minimal floor space, while still providing ample room for all your work essentials. The shared design allows team members to work closely together, promoting collaboration and communication, and creating a clean and organized workspace. Whether you're working on a project, holding a meeting, or just need a place to work, the Shared Wooden L-Shaped Office Desk in Quad is the perfect choice for a productive and efficient workspace.
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  • 4 Persons
  • W142.5" x L142.5" x H70.9"
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    4 x #159 - White
    W68.7" x L0.7" x H17.3"
    Modesty Panel
    8 x #162 - White
    W29.4" x L1" x H28.5"
    Slab End
    4 x #165 - White
    W15.6" x L18.9" x H17.3"
    Hanging Pedestal
    4 x #353 - White
    W23.5" x L1" x H28.5"
    Slab End
    4 x #781 - White
    W40.3" x L1" x H28.5"
    Modesty Panel
    4 x #1071 - Grey
    W41.3" x L23.6" x H1"
    Commercial Grade Desktop
    4 x #1077 - Grey
    W70.9" x L29.5" x H1"
    Commercial Grade Desktop
    12 x #1261 - White
    W23.6" x L0.8" x H70.9"
    Panel with Glass
    1 x #1264 - White
    W0.8" x L0.8" x H70.9"
    4 Way Connector
    4 x #1265 - White
    W0.4" x L0.4" x H70.9"
    Connector Side Cover
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  • White, Grey
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