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Storage Cabinet - Wooden

This Heinne Holz Wooden Storage Cabinet is the perfect solution for anyone looking for ample storage space and a stylish design. Made from high-quality wood, this cabinet provides a durable and attractive storage solution for all your office needs. The Wooden Storage Cabinet features a classic and timeless design, with elegant wood grain and a warm finish. Its ample storage space allows you to keep your office organized and clutter-free, providing ample room for files, books, and other office essentials.
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  • W35.4" x L23.6" x H29.5"
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    1 x #145 - Columbia walnut
    W35.4" x L23.6" x H1"
    Commercial Grade Desktop
    1 x #323 - Heinne holz
    W35.4" x L23.6" x H28.5"
    Storage Cabinet
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  • Columbia walnut, Heinne holz
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