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Shared Sit-to-stand Workstation For 2 Person

These shared workstations of height-adjustable desks offer a versatile and functional solution for any workspace. The grey desks feature a smooth electric lift mechanism that allows you to easily adjust the height to suit your needs, whether sitting or standing. The desks are also separated by freestanding panels, providing privacy and a sense of personal space while allowing easy collaboration with your colleagues. With their sleek and modern design, these desks will complement any office decor while promoting a healthy and productive work environment.
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  • 2 Persons
  • W60" x L75.9" x H66"
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    2 x #961 - Grey
    W70.9" x L29.5" x H44.3"
    Height Adjustable Electric Desk Base Rectangular
    2 x #1075 - Grey
    W59.1" x L29.5" x H1"
    Commercial Grade Desktop
    1 x #100743 - Light grey
    W18" x L2" x H6"
    Freestanding - Legs
    1 x #100745 - Tungsten - grey
    W60" x L1.3" x H66"
    Freestanding - Walls
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  • Grey
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