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Sit-to-stand L-shaped Electric Height Adjustable Desk - Commercial Grade

Heinne Holz L-shaped Height Adjustable Desk with Mobile Drawers.
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  • W59.1" x L59.1" x H29.5"
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    1 x #137 - Heinne holz
    W59.1" x L23.6" x H1"
    Commercial Grade Desktop
    1 x #146 - Heinne holz
    W35.4" x L23.6" x H1"
    Commercial Grade Desktop
    1 x #216 - Heinne holz
    W15.7" x L18.7" x H25.6"
    Mobile Pedestal
    Each of the drawers is fully extendable, allowing easy access to all of your important documents and supplies. The smooth gliding mechanism ensures that you can effortlessly open and close the drawers, while the sturdy construction ensures that the cabinet will withstand daily use for years to come. One of the key features of this cabinet is the locking mechanism, which provides added security and peace of mind. With the ability to securely lock all three drawers, you can rest easy knowing that your confidential documents and valuables are safe and secure.
    2 x #434 - White
    W3.1" x L2" x H0"
    Flat Bracket
    1 x #1053 - White
    W70.9" x L70.9" x H44.3"
    Height Adjustable Electric Desk Base - L-Shaped
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  • Heinne holz, White
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