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Office Task Chair - Commercial Grade 2

This black commercial grade task chair is the ultimate in comfort and support for any office or workspace. It features an ergonomic design, including adjustable arms, adjustable lumbar support, and a sliding seat. The chair's adjustable height and tilt allow you to find your ideal sitting position, while the sturdy construction, using high-quality materials, makes it durable enough to withstand daily use. Whether you're working at a desk for long hours or just need a comfortable seat for your home office, this task chair provides the comfort and support you need to stay productive throughout the day. With its professional appearance and customizable features, it complements any office decor and is the ideal choice for any workspace.
  • Build info
  • 1 x #403 Mid-Back Office Chair
    W26.2" x L27.2" x H40"
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  • Black
  • W26.2" x L27.2" x H40"
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