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Executive Visitor Chair - Mid-back

Introducing our mid-back stylish ribbed guest/visitor chair in grey color. This chair is designed to provide comfort and support during long meetings and conference calls. It features a unique ribbed design on the backrest that not only adds a touch of style to any conference room but also provides added support for the user. The chair is built with durability in mind, featuring a sturdy metal base and reinforced plastic components to ensure it can withstand heavy use in professional settings. It's also adjustable, allowing you to customize the height and tilt of the seat and backrest to your preferences.

  • Build info
  • 1 x #858 Guest Chair
    W22.4" x L24.8" x H33.5"
    Chrome Grey
  • Assembly instructions
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  • Chrome, Grey
  • W22.4" x L24.8" x H33.5"
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